When using your existing footprint for traditional room remodeling doesn’t cover your needs, it may be time to consider an addition. Our clients often choose additions due to their growing families, the addition of extended family, or the need to create additional hobby or entertaining space. Regardless of your reason, additions are complex undertakings with many considerations.

Additions and finished basements can get the room you need without changing your address.

Whether you’re building up (second floor), building out (ground level expansion) or building down (basement finishing), Lovette has the experience to get you there. From legal documents, utility expansion, excavation to zoning and foundations, we handle the details so you can enjoy the ride. If you have pets or little ones, we’ll discuss ways to keep your family safe during construction, including dust and debris management.

The most economic type of addition is finishing a basement. This is a great option for families looking to grow their livable space without drastic changes to their existing home. Keep in mind, basements that are left “ready to finish” will need careful evaluation as building codes change over time. We’ll cover any challenges such as load bearing, egress requirements, and utility routing with you.

Regardless of your reason for expanding or the choice of expansion type, Lovette is here to guide you through each step of the process.

Did You Know ?

What's Your Pain?

You may have come to the conclusion that you need an addition already. Before we move forward, let’s discuss your need for growth and see if it is best met through an addition or other remodel.

Make it Seamless

It is important that your addition looks original to your home. We’ll blend your original home into the addition but may also recommend new aesthetic features for the original home.

Stay Open

Additions are large and elaborate projects involving many complex variables. Try to stay open minded concerning what you want and need. We’ll help you find what’s best for your budget and goals.


Growing your home also means growing your utilities. Part of your Project Development process is learning how your addition will impact your HVAC and electrical needs.

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