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The old adage says that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Today, the kitchen is still the heart, but also the hub, the landing zone, a place to entertain, to study, to inspire and to unwind. With all of the room needed to enjoy these new roles, it’s no surprise that dining rooms are disappearing while kitchens are growing beyond their meal prep roots. Talk to us about your floor plan and how your kitchen can grow to better serve your family.

At Lovette, we build kitchens around your life. Whether you need a subzero fridge, a shuffleboard table, or a professional grade range, we can deliver a kitchen that is built around your family.

Transform your kitchen into the centerpiece of your home.

Looking to maximize your space with better storage options? We build custom pantries, corner drawers, pullouts, organizers, appliance garages, and more. What would your new cabinets be without a stunning workspace? Granite, Quartz, Marble, Concrete, Copper, or Stainless; we’ve got you covered.

Modern kitchens are multi-functional showcases for the home. It’s no surprise that kitchen remodeling requires the most planning because it’s usually the most in-depth and resource intensive room in the home. Additionally, there are more different materials used in a kitchen than any other room, requiring more choice and a greater balance of overall choices selection.

Let’s find what will work for you.

Did You Know?

Pro-Grade Equipment

Looking to inspire others with your culinary arts? We install many types of professional-grade equipment in our kitchens. These appliances require special consideration, so be sure to let your project lead know!


Every material has a maintenance need. Some require frequent cleaning, while others are built to be anything but fussy. Each material selection you make will affect the maintenance burden you take on.

Television Magic

Who doesn’t love a little HGTV remodeling show? However, in the real world, not every part-time art teacher has a $750,000 budget; nor can every possible dream come true in your home. We’ll help you make a realistic plan that fits your (actual) budget.

Setting Priorities

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will every kitchen dream you have. It’s important to establish your priorities and work with us to separate the “have nows” from the “have laters”.

Plan your remodel today!

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