Whole House

What can start off as a simple adjustment here or an update there can quickly escalate beyond expectations, growing into a whole-house remodeling project. Opening floorplans, moving walls, or combining rooms can greatly affect adjacent rooms, starting a chain reaction of updates throughout your home.

Remodeling needs go beyond a room or two? Consider if a whole-house remodel is right for your home.

Inherited a home that doesn’t suit your needs? Consider a whole-house remodel instead of rushing to the sales market. There are other reasons to consider a whole-house remodel: the need to freshen an outdated look across your entire home, open up your cramped floor plan to create a better flow, new or changing family needs, or a desire to have a “new home” feel without leaving your friends and neighborhood.

Due to efficiency and scheduling, remodeling your entire home at once can lead to tremendous savings compared to remodeling each room separately. Additionally, a whole-house remodeling project can provide the same experience of having a new home for a fraction of the cost. If you’re only going to be staying for a few years, whole-house remodeling costs can be significantly covered by an increase in resale value.

Speak to your Lovette Project Lead about whether a whole-house remodel is right for your home, your budget, and your goals.

Did You Know?

Size of Project

Let’s evaluate your needs and budget to determine the size of your project. Remodeling a few connecting rooms can be very different than remodeling the entire home.

Future Proof

Whole-house remodeling is a great investment in the life of your home. It also means you should consider your needs beyond your current life stage.

Plan Ahead

Remodeling your entire home can mean that livable space becomes limited or even non-existent for periods of time. Be sure to discuss expectations with us and make arrangements if needed.

The Right Fit

Full-house or whole-home remodeling is far more complex than single room remodels and requires careful planning and consideration. Discuss your expectations and budget with your Lovette project lead.

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